CFD support References



  • Simulation of flow in turbine blade cascades
  • Simulation of combustion
  • Flow with heat transfer / Thermal management / Cooling
  • Multiphase flows simulations


  • External aerodynamics of a car
  • Internal aerodynamics of a car (HVAC)
  • Turbochargers and compressors
  • Heat transfer / Thermal management / Cooling


  • Cooling / Flow with heat transfer
  • Power generation machines
  • Water turbines, Kaplan, Francis
  • Turbo machines, automation, optimization

Civil Engineering

  • Simulations of aerodynamic load of buildings
  • HVAC - Heating, Ventilating, Air Conditioning
  • Thermal comfort in buildings


  • External/Internal flow aerodynamics
  • Turbine/Compressor stages simulations
  • Subsonic/Transonic flow aerodynamics
  • Research projects, Optimization

Bio & Environment

  • Simulation of flow and blood clotting
  • Exhaust gas spreading landscape
  • Environmental flow, Chemical reactions
  • Multiphase, Vaporization, Diffusion


  • User level OpenFOAM® training
  • Advanced level OpenFOAM® training
  • Individual training, On-site, Off-site
  • Public training for OpenFOAM®

User level OpenFOAM® training

We would like to offer our basic training for OpenFOAM® to all those who are new to OpenFOAM®, have no experience in this area whatsoever, but it may be also of interest for those who have already experienced OpenFOAM® in the past and want to improve their skills. In two days, divided into four thematic sections, the trainee receives an overview of the possibilities of OpenFOAM®. They learn to run different types of CFD simulations, set the boundary conditions and parameters for calculations, prepare computational meshes and evaluate results.

Advanced level OpenFOAM® training

This training is suitable for participants of basic training and also for those who already have a solid OpenFOAM® user experience and want to continue and develop their special skills even further. The two-day advanced training is also spread into four thematic blocks. You will look at the source code and gradually implement and test advanced techniques for preprocessing, postprocessing, editing solvers, boundary conditions and turbulence models.

Individual training

CFD Support can prepare for a special training for demanding customers tailored exactly to your ideas and projects that you aim to solve now or in the future with help of OpenFOAM®. Furthermore, we can also offer special training process focused purely on the theory of fluid dynamics and CFD according to your specifications (mathematical flow modeling, numerical mathematics, modeling turbulence, ...).

Public OpenFOAM® trainings

Public training courses are organized regularly several times a year in our office. These sessions are open to the public, university students and engineers who would like to get to know OpenFOAM® and to see its potential. Courses are open for individuals as well as for groups. Lectures are held in Czech or in English. More information about our public OpenFOAM® training courses can be found here.

Please contact us for further information.

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