TCAE is a Comprehensive Engineering Simulation Environment

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TCAE consists of simulation software modules TCADTMESHTCFDTFEA, and TOPT.

No limitations on number of users, jobs, cores, or hardware installations.

TCAE is an engineering simulation environment for CFD, FEA & FSI, and optimization. TCAE was originally designed for turbomachinery applications and later it was extended to many other applications across the field of engineering simulations. TCAE has a fantastic value/cost ratio and it is easy to prove it.

TCAE has a different business model than typical commercial codes. TCAE successfully merged the benefits of open-source (unlimited users, jobs, cores, and unlimited hardware installations, flexible, …) with the benefits of commercial codes (GUI, unlimited tech support, well tested, ready for the industry, robust, accurate, automated, documented, …).

Because TCAE is completely unlimited, it allows its users to use their resources to the fullest. TCAE works perfectly at all stages of the design process. TCAE fits very well with demanding high-end simulations, for example, large transient simulations with many CPUs. And at the same time, TCAE is perfect for multiple quick simulations in the early product design stage.

Please note, that together with the software, the users is receiving a valuable know-how of CFD, FEA & optimization and training.

TCAE includes following standalone modules

TCAE is a flexible and automated system of standalone modules for engineering simulations. Modules in TCAE version 21.02 use the following open-source tools: OpenFOAM-dev-1bbbd40a0d4e (version distributed via, ParaView 5.8.1, Calculix 2.17, NetGen 6.2.2004, GCC 9.3, CGAL 4.7, Python 3.7.2, bison 3.0, boost 1.62.0, cairo 1.14.6, CGNS 3.4.0, cmake 3.16.5, expat 2.2.0, flex 2.6.0, fontconfig 2.12.1, freesteam 2.1, freetype 2.7, glib 2.50.0, gnuplot 5.2.8, graphviz 2.38.0, gsl 2.3, harfbuzz 1.3.2, hdf5 1.10.6, hwloc 1.11.4, icu 58.2, libcgnsoo 3.0, libffi 3.2.1, libpng 1.6.25, libxml2 2.9.7, libxslt 1.1.32, llvm 9.0.1, m4 1.4.17, mc 4.8.18, mesa 18.3.1, openmpi 3.1.6, MSMPI 10.1.12498.18, pango 1.40.3, pcre 8.39, pixman 0.34.0, qt 5.9.9, rdma-core 13, scotch 6.0.3, spooles 2.2, slang 2.1.4, zlib 1.2.8, arpack, curl 7.75.0.

TCAE consists of simulation software modules TCADTMESHTCFDTFEA, and TOPT.