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Comprehensive Engineering Simulation Environment for CFD, FEA + FSI, Acoustics and Optimization

TCAE is a smart, efficient, and affordable engineering environment. TCAE is especially suitable for turbomachinery and external aerodynamics applications.

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TCAE is cost-effective. The software license has one price for an unlimited number of users, jobs, cores, or hardware installations. For that reason, TCAE allows its users to use their resources to the fullest. TCAE has a fantastic value/cost ratio and it is easy to prove it. Its users can scale their simulations according to their needs, purpose, and resources.


TCAE is very accurate. At CFDSUPPORT, we’re obsessed with accuracy. Accuracy is our highest priority. And besides accuracy, we are focused on automation, repeatability, and application-tailored solutions. We don’t believe in general-purpose codes. We don’t believe that any particular software can accurately simulate everything. Validation benchmarks are available.

TCAE has a modular character. TCAE consists of  software modules TCADTMESHTCFDTFEA, TOPT, and TCAA.  Software modules that can be combined according to the user’s needs, skills, and resources. On top of that, the user can combine them with many other software pieces available in the market to create a smooth workflow. The total number of combinations is almost infinite. TCAE has a strong integration ability. It has been from the beginning developed in a way to fit any existing workflow. No matter if it is combined with commercial codes, in-house codes, or another open-source code. Because it has strong interfaces and it is very flexible.

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In a typical enterprise. The engineers usually have some existing workflow already. And TCAE is capable of fitting into it. No matter what design tool is used. No matter what CAD tool is used. Or no matter what meshing system is used. TCAE is still here. To fit any workflow. To do the simulation. And to deliver the results. For the user’s judgment. TCAE is ready for very complex workflows. Optimization loops. Cloud computing. And many other trends going on out there. Real tutorials based on real projects we did in the past are available. TCAE works perfectly at all stages of the design process. TCAE fits very well with demanding high-end simulations, for example, large transient simulations with many CPUs. And at the same time, TCAE is perfect for multiple quick simulations in the early product design stage.

TCAE includes following standalone modules

Based on Open Source

TCAE successfully merged the benefits of open-source (unlimited users, jobs, cores, and unlimited hardware installations, flexible, …) with typical benefits of commercial codes (GUI, unlimited tech support, well tested, ready for the industry, robust, accurate, automated, documented, …). And it is ready for use in the industry. 

Modules in TCAE version 22.10 use the following open-source tools: OpenFOAM-dev-gb04eb20fc, ParaView 5.10.1, Calculix 2.19, NetGen 6.2.2105, GCC 9.3, CGAL 4.7, Python 3.9.10, bison 3.7 boost, 1.79.0 cairo 1.14.6, CGAL 5.0.2, CGNS 4.1.2, cmake 3.16.5, curl 7.75.0, expat 2.2.0, flex 2.6.4, fontconfig 2.13.1, freesteam 2.1, freetype 2.10.4, glib 2.50.3, gmsh 4.8.4, gnuplot 5.4.3, graphviz 2.38.0, gsl 2.3, harfbuzz 1.3.2, hdf5 1.10.6, hwloc 1.12, binutils-2.32, binutils-2.39, gcc-11.2.0, gmp-6.1.1, mpc-1.0.3, mpfr-3.1.5, patchelf-0.9, icu 58.2, libcgnsoo 3.0, libdrm 2.4.96, libffi 3.4.2, libfacric 1.13.2, libpng 1.6.25, libxml2 2.9.7, libxslt 1.1.32, llvm 12.0.1, MSMPI 10.1.12498.18, m4 1.4.17, mc 4.8.18, mesa 21.3.4, numactl 2.0.14, opencascade 7.6.0, openmpi 4.1.2, openssl 1.1.1, OpenBLAS 0.3.19, pango 1.40.3 pango, 1.40.14, pastix4calculix, pcre 8.39, pixman 0.34.0, qt 5.15.2, rdma-core 34.4, scotch 6.0.9, scotch4calculix 6.0.9, spooles 2.2, slang 2.1.4, ucx 1.12.0, zlib 1.2.8, arpack

Added Value

TCAE is a CAE software with very high added value for its users. We do believe that any successful project is a result of focus, skills, experience, patience, and dedication. We believe in open-source. Especially we believe in a combination of open-source and professional support. So far, we have invested more than 30 Man-Years of focused team development on top of open-source to deliver these professional simulation tools. TCAE is definitely a high-end software and its users are CAE professionals who know well what they want. 

Cloud Ready

TCAE is natively compiled for Windows and Linux without operating system dependencies. It’s ready to be run on the cloud. It can be executed in a batch mode, directly, via a script, or via any other third-party application.

Know-how Transfer

TCAE is not just simulation software. It’s a membership in a family of its users and developers where no one is ever left behind.  TCAE’s important part is training and sharing unique knowledge & experience. Together with TCAE, its users are receiving valuable know-how of CFD, FEA & optimization, training, best practices, case studies, and technical support.


This is what the graphical user interface looks like. The user can do everything here. From the simulation set-up and the simulation run. To the detailed postprocessing of the results. Besides this GUI also the batch mode is available. And TCAE  is definitely well suited to further development.

Francis turbine GUI 2310 full 3

Automated Run

TCAE is from the beginning developed in a way to fit the modern engineering workflows. It is fully automated. And it can be used, either as a black box. So the user puts the data in. TCAE does its job.  And the user just picks up the results at the end. Or, TCAE can be used as highly sophisticated software. Where all the options are open. So, the beauty of TCAE is. That it is the user. Who decides, how deep to dive into CFD. Or not at all. TCAE includes an automated meshing system. Based on snappyHexMesh and NetGen. And also, the external meshes. Created in another software. Can be loaded. We always leave this mesh decision up to the user. Some users prefer automated meshing. The others prefer external meshes. That is fair enough. And we fully respect that. TCAE has strong postprocessing. Every simulation that is executed in TCAE. Has its own HTML or PDF report with the results. Volume fields are visualized in ParaView. Integral results are saved in CSV files.  

Continual Development

As you know, no software is ever finished. TCAE remains under continual development. The development is user-driven. We continually gather the requirements from the TCAE users. We evaluate them. And we keep adding them to the new version releases. We use a special system for code development in a team – GitLab. Horizontal – Vertical development. 


We have a very strong team of developers and consultants. We believe in the importance of technical support. Support is coded in our DNA. And also in the name of our company. For more than 10 years, we have supported the engineers in achieving their goals. We are obsessed with professional technical support. We have a special process for it, it is powered by the osTicket system.