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Turbomachinery CFD Webinar Series

Free webinar series showing Turbomachinery CFD workflow

We would like to invite you to an one hour webinar on Turbomachinery CFD.

In the first half a brief example of particular machine simulation is given. In the second half Q&A session follows.

You can either just watch the broadcast:

Live here:

Live at Youtube:

Or you can actively participate (put questions, comments, …):

For that please answer this email and we send you the personal invitation.

Webinar Schedule:

1. Pump Webinar – July 12, 2016    4:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Pump Study – Pump Simulation Report – Download Pump Case

2. Radial Fan Webinar – July 21, 2016    3:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Radial Fan Study – Radial Fan Report – Download Radial Fan Case

3. Compressor Webinar – August 2, 2016    4:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Compressor Study – Compressor Report – Download Compressor Case 

4. Francis Turbine Webinar – August 11, 2016    3:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Francis Study – Francis Simulation Report – Download Francis Case
5. Radial Turbine Webinar  – August 16, 2016    4:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Turbine Study – Turbine Simulation Report – Download Turbine Case

6. Axial Fan Webinar  – August 30, 2016    4:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
     Axial Fan Study – Axial Fan Report – Download Axial Fan Case
7. Kaplan Turbine Webinar – September 6, 2016    4:00 PM Prague Time (GMT+2)
    Kaplan Turbine

Feel free to contact us for details.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at one of our webinars.

Best Regards

Team CFD Support

OpenFOAM® training

CFD Support launches new OpenFOAM® Training campaign

At CFD Support we have been delivering OpenFOAM® training for six years.  And so far we have trained hundreds of people. Over the time we have created a great training program both for complete beginners and also for experienced users

In each OpenFOAM® training the participants learn a unique set of skills which allow them to become independent OpenFOAM® users.

General OpenFOAM® training benefits:

  1. You get all the materials. You can get back anytime. For this reason the training has a permanent value.
  2. After this OpenFOAM® training the participants always know what to do next and they also know how to further develop their skills
  3. Windows and Linux fully supported 
  4. Both Attendance and Distance form
  5. You get a certificate from CFD Support you completed the training

Distance training benefits:

  1. Save costs and time on traveling
  2. Learn from your home or office.
  3. Take your time. You are the director of your training.
  4. A package of technical support is included and participant himself decides how to spend it: calls, lecturing, emailing or even project work
  5. Spend your support hours on the topic you are interested in

Attendance training benefits:

  1. Live lectures
  2. Step by step progress
  3. Focus the whole week
  4. Contact with other participants
  5. Beauty of Prague

For more information visit training web sites:

A case study for Microsoft Azure

CFD Support for Successful Players in Computational Fluid Dynamics | View this email in your browser

This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM®  and OpenCFD®  trade marks.