Webinar Cover Centrifugal Fan

Webinar 63 - Centrifugal Fan CFD, FEA + FSI, and Optimization

A free webinar where the new version of TCAE is introduced. A comprehensive simulation workflow including CFD, FEA+FSI, Optimization, and Acoustics in the TCAE simulation environment.

A large portion of the webinar time will be dedicated to your questions and our answers about engineering simulations – CFD, FEA, FSI, and optimization.  All the questions will be answered still during the webinar or later via email!

Can’t make the live event? Register anyway and receive the recording to view at your leisure.

Webinar speakers:

Lubos Pirkl, Co-Founder at CFD Support

Radek Máca, Head Engineer at CFD Support

You can send your questions in advance to info@cfdsupport.com