Webinar cover Simulation driven Optimization of Propeller

Simulation-driven Optimization of a Propeller

Propeller Aerodynamic simulation-driven Optimization. Lift over Torque. An automated process of optimizing the performance of a propeller for a given aircraft using computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation techniques. The optimization function is a metric that represents the overall efficiency of the propeller, taking into account both lift and torque produced by the propeller. The optimization process aims to maximize the Lift – Torque ratio, which represents the lift-to-torque ratio produced by the propeller. This ratio is an important factor in determining the efficiency and performance of the propeller, and optimizing it through simulation can lead to improved flight performance for the aircraft. The workflow involves using CFD (TCFD) and parametric geometry-builder (OpenVSP) to model and analyze the performance of a propeller and then using an optimization algorithm (TOPT direct) to identify the design parameters that result in the best performance. By TCAE.

Webinar speakers:

Lubos Pirkl, Co-Founder at CFD Support

Radek Máca, Head Engineer at CFD Support

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