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Translation of the Valve Plug by 5, 8 and 11 mm

  • The valve plug is in fully closed position by origin.
  • Let’s move it up to be able to simulate the water flow through the valve.
  • Three positions of the valve will be exported in order to be able to simulate three valve plug openings (5 mm, 8 mm and 11 mm).
  • Not all the faces of the valve plug shall move. Those parts which are marked with yellow color in the figure crossref 3 are stationary parts (faces) and they belong to the inlet region (see section crossref 3) and therefore they shall be deleted from the valve plug object.
  • All the other valve plug faces can move up and down (opening and closing the valve – figure crossref 3) so they remain part of the valve plug.

Figure: Plug stationary faces to remove marked with yellow color


Figure: Plug with no stationary faces, ready for translation

  • Make visible only those faces of the valve plug which are in the figure crossref.
  • Merge these faces into a new shell or a compound before the valve plug is translated.
  • After that translate this new compound in Y direction by 5, 8 and 11 millimeters. In the upper menu Operations > Transformation > Translation. A new window “Translation Of An Object” appears (see figure crossref).
  • Make a translation in Y direction.
  • Repeat this translation procedure also for 8 and 11 mm cases.

Figure: Translation of the plug – Translation Of An Object window