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Have you ever asked yourself a question what will be the future of the CFD codes?

I had. This is what I found. They should be Automatable, Capable, Integrable, and Scalable. I have put some more thoughts about it in here:
What do you think?  Please share your thoughts with me. I am curious what else we can find (and do).

Besides that, we have been working hard in the past months (as usual) and I am happy to announce much news soon to come. In June we are going to release the new versions of our software packages:
Turbomachinery CFD 17.06
OpenFOAM®  for Windows 17.06
OpenFOAM® in Box 17.06
Including latest OpenFOAM® and many new features.  

I will be back soon.

And remember, if you need me, I am just one email away.

With best regards,

Lubos Pirkl

PS: Please let me know your thoughts about the following video (this time with a cool song):

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