TCFD Wind Turbine model

OpenFOAM for Windows 15.06 is here!

Running OpenFOAM® in Windows is now easier than ever before

CFD Support is delighted to announce the new release of OpenFOAM for Windows 15.06. The new installer makes the installations process smooth. Version 15.06 introduces many new features, which were not directly obvious on older versions.
More information can be found here: OpenFOAM for Windows 15.06 

The Splendors and Miseries of …

Marketing an Open-Source CFD Software

Lubos Pirkl, Co-founder of CFD Support:
After five years of running, I have finally decided to share some of my experiences. At CFD Support, we are marketing CFD open source based solutions to deliver a smart alternative to commercial codes. read more —>>>

CFturbo 10

The German company CFturbo® Software & Engineering GmbH recently released its new version of CFturbo

CFturbo is a modern, powerful software for interactive design of turbomachinery. It’s easy to use and enables the designer to either start from scratch or redesign existing geometries. The new version brings many new features. More information can be found here.

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