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OpenFOAM® in Box is released

Free for Everybody – Independent on Linux System

CFD Support releases a new version of its smart CFD package OpenFOAM® in Box. OpenFOAM® in Box is unique, because all the project components are compiled inside this package. For this reason OpenFOAM® in Box is independent on the Linux distribution, program versions, dependencies, etc, etc … You can freely download full version of OpenFOAM® in Box in  the OpenFOAM® in Box Download page. https://www.cfdsupport.com/openfoam-in-box.html Feel free to contact us with your feedback, reminders and experiences.

OpenFOAM® training by CFD Support

Get a discount 20% on Attendance OpenFOAM® training in May – some seats are still remaining.

At CFD Support we have been delivering OpenFOAM® training for six years.  And so far we have trained hundreds of people. 
Over the time we have created a great training program both for complete beginners and also for experienced users
In each OpenFOAM® training the participants learn a unique set of skills which allow them to become independent OpenFOAM® users.

General benefits:

  1. You get all the materials. You can get back anytime. For this reason the training has a permanent value.
  2. After this OpenFOAM® training the participants always know what to do next and they also know how to further develop their skills
  3. Windows and Linux fully supported 
  4. Both Attendance and Distance form

Distance training benefits:

  1. Save costs and time on traveling
  2. Take your time. Learn from your home or office.
  3. You are the director of your training.
  4. A package of technical support is included and participant himself decides how to spend it: calls, lecturing, emailing or even project work
  5. Spend your support hours on the topic you are interested in

Attendance training benefits:

  1. Live lectures
  2. Step by step progress
  3. Focus the whole week
  4. Contact with other participants
  5. Beauty of Prague

Get a discount 20% on Attendance OpenFOAM® training in May – some seats are still remaining.

Contact CFD Support for more information.

New Versions Coming Soon:

CFD Support is soon to introduce new versions of its CFD software products. As always there will be many new features. All the new versions are based on OpenFOAM-3.0.x.

We are already finishing latest tests of following new versions:

All the new product versions are to be released still in Q2  2016.

Accelerate your OpenFOAM cases on GPU with SpeedIT Flow

SpeedIT Flow is one of the fastest CFD implicit, single-phase flow solver currently on the market. In contrary to other solutions a Semi-Implicit Method for Pressure Linked Equations (SIMPLE) and the Pressure Implicit with Operator Splitting (PISO) algorithms have been completely implemented on graphics processing unit (GPU). Its main features include:

  • High acceleration rates – faster time-to-solution compared to CPU only runs.

  • Faster time to market – can solve more simulations in the same time.

  • OpenFOAM(TM) support. Run your reader and writer (results can be visualized with ParaView software).

  • Run it from your command line:
    gsimple <path to your case>  
    gpiso <path to your case>

See the Performance reports made in collaboration with UberCloud and IBM.

To obtain a trial licence and find out more contact Andrzej Kosior, Ph.D., Product Manager by email andrzej.kosior@vratis.com or phone at +48717073419. For more information check our website www.vratis.com.

SpeedIT Flow is available also in the cloud on the Rescale platform for testing.

* Tested on NVIDIA QUADRO K6000 with 12GB of RAM.

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This offering is not approved or endorsed by OpenCFD Limited, the producer of the OpenFOAM software and owner of the OPENFOAM®  and OpenCFD®  trade marks.