Distance OpenFOAM® training

Due to the great success of our attendance OpenFOAM® training, we have recently delivered its reasonable alternative: Distance OpenFOAM® Training 
  • Distance Training is always individual
  • Training scheme is designed by its participant
  • Training duration is up to its participant
  • A package of technical support is included and participant himself decides how to spend it: calls, lecturing, emailing or even project work
To make your decision to participate easier, until November 30, 2015, the Distance OpenFOAM® training is discounted by 20%

Your individual Distance OpenFOAM® Training is waiting for you:

NACA4412 available for download

CFD Support made available for download an OpenFOAM® test case NACA4412 airfoil:

NACA4412 OpenFOAM® test case was originally created to test all the available turbulence models in OpenFOAM®. Later it became very popular for testing new applications. 
NACA4412 OpenFOAM® test case is preset and fully automated. Just change the parameter of the number of processors, mesh or turbulence model and go!
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