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Manual Run: Processing

  • The button “Run calculation” will run the second stage of the workflow: calculation of the physical fields for each simulation point. The progress of each point is shown in the point progress bar (“Point (stead)”) and the progress of the whole calculation, which can be composed of a sequence of points, is shown in the calculation progress bar (“Calculation (stead)”), see figure [*]. There are also the unsteady progress bars if the setup includes a transient run.
  • The button “Skip to next point” can be used during the calculation e.g. when the currently calculated point seems to be converged and the user wants to continue with the next point. Note that there is always a delay between pressing the button and skipping action, which amounts to one or two iterations.
  • The button “Abort calculation” will gracefully terminate the calculation allowing for further use of ParaView. Note that there is some delay between pressing the button and the termination itself. This button can be also used to terminate meshing or report phase.
  • The button “Abort calculation (+ write)” is similar to the previous with the addition that the current state of the calculation is written out before termination. This is useful for debugging purposes.