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Manual Run: Postprocessing

  • The button “Full report” will regenerate the report containing various extracted data, like the residua, efficiencies, pressure information etc. Some of the values and plots may not be available until the end of the run. The report is a HTML document, which can be displayed in the HTML View panel, see [*]. The report update is generally fast, but for long transient calculations or calculations with many points and speedlines it can take even a few minutes. The progress is indicated in the adjacent progress bar. The report is also automatically updated at the end of the calculation. Moreover, one can set the auto-refresh interval (in minutes) in the editable field above the progress bar (and confirm Apply). If a positive value is set, it will be used during the calculation.
  • “Light report” has a similar function as “Full report”, but produces only a subset of the full report, particularly the “Efficiency”, “Head” and “Total pressure difference” sections. This is useful to monitor convergence of these results during the calculation.
  • The option “Results” which results to be shown by “Show results” button – steady-state or transient.
  • The button “Show results” will open the OpenFOAM calculation selected in the drop-down list “Results” using the built-in OpenFOAM reader. There is one case for the whole stationary simulation and separate cases for individual points of the transient calculation.