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When using terminal:

6.  Navigate to the TCFD\textregisteredinstallation folder, i.e., C:\TCFD\18.10

7.  Run OpenFOAM\textregistered for Windows command line by clicking on TCFD 18.10 OF4Win Shell.Ink.

8.  Navigate to the axial-fan-simple tutorial (mc command – Midnight Commander – is recommended, or navigate manually in terminal:
cd ..\..\tutorials\axial-fan-simple\)
and run all by one command from the tutorial’s directory:
CFDProcessor -setup axial-fan-simple.tcfd -allrun

9.  All the process is done automatically: new case is written into default case name tcfdcase0, mesh is created, case is set up, case is simulated, results are evaluated and report is written down. When the simulation is finished the final results report is written down immediately. It is located inside the test case:

10.  Visual postprocessing can be done in http://www.paraview.org/ParaView using https://www.cfdsupport.com/turbo-blade-post.htmlTurbo Blade Post plugins (included).