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This is an automatically generated documentation by LaTeX2HTML utility. In case of any issue, please, contact us at info@cfdsupport.com.


  1. Request the trial version (this step is only needed for TCFD trial version – in case you already purchased the TCFD perpetual version – please skip this step) https://www.cfdsupport.com/turbomachinery-cfd-demo.html
  2. Download and install TCFD\textregistered. Just follow the install wizard and install all the components of TCFD
  3. Copy the license files (License.key and License.dat) into the current TCFD version directory, typically: C:\TCFD\18.10\
  4. Ready to run now!
  5. A ready-to-run tutorial can be found in: C:\TCFD\18.10\tutorials\axial-fan-simple Other tutorials can be downloaded from: https://www.cfdsupport.com/download-cases.html