PF2023 2 2000x

 As you know, our passion is rotating machinery. We have prepared a little engineering exercise for you. We have put together a couple of  blades (just blades) from legendary turbomachines. These machines are the real industrial workers, who have written the history of engineering. Over time, they have processed billions of billions of MWh to quietly serve mankind (well ok, sometimes they are not that quiet, TCAA has still a homework to do). We were honored we had a chance to simulate all these machines numerically, and confirm, these machines are the triumph of human mindpower over disorder and chaos. 

Here is the image in full resolution:

QUESTION: Would you guess which blade is of which machine? 

The scale is random. Here’s a little hint: 

High-pressure steam turbine
Centrifugal Fan
Francis Turbine
Compressor rotor67
Radial Turbine
Axial fan
Ship propeller
Centrifugal Pump
Compressor rotor37
Kaplan turbine
Wind turbine
Radial Compressor
Drone Propeller

Let us know what you have found!