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OpenFOAM tutorial - Cyclone case - Euler-Lagrange approach

  • This case presents the OpenFOAM case setup for Euler-Lagrange approach of modeling two phase flow, where a dispersed phase is modeled as a discrete phase.
  • Lagrangian approach for modelling of a dispersed phase is used. Roughly speaking, in Lagrangian approach each particle is modelled separately. In other words, each particle has its own equation of motion. In general, Lagrangian approach is applicable to a system counting a limited number of particles.
  • OpenFOAM provides several Lagrangian solvers. In this section we will use MPPICFoam (Multiphase Particle-In-Cell method) which can be used for modelling particles in continuum.
  • The computational mesh is generated using snappyHexMesh utility and uses the STLs from SALOME preprocessing part.