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Split Each Part to Perfect fit - Cyclone-rotPart

This section describes similar set of operations for splitting the Cyclone-rotPart as it was described in the previous section.

Navigate to the menu Operations > Partition and set the following entries (see Fig. crossref):

    1. Set the Name to Cyclone-rotPart-part.
    2. Set Objects to Cyclone-rotPart.
    3. Set Tool Objects to Inlet-body-final.
    4. Resulting type is Shell.
    5. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Cyclone-rotPart partitioning.

Navigate to the menu New Entity > Explode and do following steps (see Fig. crossref 3):

  1. Set Main Object to Cyclone-rotPart-part.
  2. Check the Select Sub-Shapes option.
  3. At first, check the face denoted by red arrow in Figure crossref 3 – left image and click Hide selected.
  4. Afterwards, denote all faces by dragging the mouse over whole geometry (see Fig. crossref 3 – right image).
  5. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Creating the new faces using Explode Tool.

Finally, navigate to the menu New Entity > Build > Shell and follow these steps (see Fig. crossref):

  1. Set the Name to Cyclone-rotPart-final.
  2. In the Objects select the faces.
  3. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Creating a new Shell.