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Splitting Each Part to Perfect Fit - Inlet-extrusion

To achieve a perfect connection between the Inlet-extrusion and the Cyclone-rotPart a small modification has to be done. Let’s start with the Inlet-extrusion.

  • At first the Inlet-extrusion will be split.
  • Navigate to the menu Operations > Partition and set the following entries (see Fig. crossref 3):
    1. Rename parameter Name to Inlet-body-part.
    2. Set Objects to Inlet-extrusion.
    3. Set Tool Objects to Cyclone-rotPart.
    4. Resulting type is Shell.
    5. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Inlet-extrusion partitioning.

  • Afterwards, the new Shell contains only the outer parts of Inlet-body-part will be created.
  • At first, the new Faces from the Inlet-body-part are created.
  • Navigate to the menu New Entity > Explode and do the following steps (see Fig. crossref 3):
    1. Set Main Object to Inlet-body-part.
    2. Check the Select Sub-Shapes option.
    3. By holding the Shift key on your keyboard and clicking on desired parts, i.e. 4 faces which are not inside the Cyclone-rotPart.
    4. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Creating the new faces byExplode Tool.

  • Finally, the new shell is created using those faces from the previous step.
  • Navigate to the menu New Entity > Build > Shell and follow these steps (see Fig. crossref 3):
    1. Rename Name to Inlet-body-final.
    2. In the Objects select those faces mentioned in the previous step. Click them (holding Shift key) in the viewer.
    3. The other way to that is to select these faces in the Object Browser by clicking and holding Ctrl key.
    4. Click Apply and Close.

Figure: Creating a new Shell.