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Running the simulation

  • Create file 0/U from 0/U.org.
    # cp -f 0/U.org 0/U
  • Run the command setVelocityProfile, that sets the parabolic velocity profile in the inlet.
    # setVelocityProfile
  • Run the computation on two CPUs:
    # decomposePar -force
    # mpiexec -np 2 simpleFoam -parallel > log &
  • One can watch the convergence during the computation.
  • To watch the convergence use gnuplot with the script described earlier.
  • Also, the convergence of the aerodynamic coefficients can be watched using the same program.
  • One can find the description of such a script in section “Motorbike” of the CFD support manual part I.
  • When the parallel computation is done one can reconstruct the case using a command
    # reconstructPar -latestTime