TCFD 18.10 Drivaer interface


we’re excited to introduce you to our newest TCFD 18.10 – a focused and unlimited CFD software. Over the past months, our team has been hard at work to deliver much better CFD code than ever before. Here is the list of the new feature and improvements:

1. New simulation type virtual tunnel – full support for external aero simulations

2. Multiple rotor simulations – support for multiple rotating components

3. Improved simulation report – new sections, customizable

4. Improved meshing options

5. New turbulence models

6. New boundary condition prescribing flow rate at the outlet

7. 23+ other new features and improvements.

More details about the new TCFD version will be presented in the webinar (Oct 30, 3PM). If you miss it feel free to contact us anytime.

Looking forward to meeting you.

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PS3: Take a look at this video on transient simulation of a periodic segment of an axial fan:

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