Today, we are very pleased to announce the new release of Turbomachinery CFD aka TCFD – an easy, smart and affordable software for simulating rotating machinery.

As usual, the new TCFD® version brings many new features and hundreds of improvements. Naming a few of them:

1. New simulation types alowing much more applications, for example a ship propeller

1. New simulation types alowing much more applications, for example a ship propeller

2. Direct reading and simulating MSH mesh format

3. New feature for comparing simulation reports

4. New BC Frozen Rotor for periodic segment cases (both transient and steady-state)

5. Wall treatment options, Forces postprocessing, Physical units, New tutorials and many others …

TCFD® 18.06 new features are best seen in this video:

As you know, TCFD is always perpetual and can be used for unlimited users, jobs, or cores.
For this reason, TCFD scales any workflow in a really big way.

To learn more about TCFD have a look at TCFD Video Manuals or visit a webinar next week.

And of course, get in touch with us, we are just one email away.

All the best,

Lubos Pirkl

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PS2: You can be sure that TCFD is being developed with respect to the latest trends and challenges going on in CFD: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/trends-challenges-cfd-lubos-pirkl/

PS3: Take a look at this video on transient simulation of a periodic segment of an axial fan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFvqGAmrWH8

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