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Today, we come back with a few fresh tips on your CFD.

First of all, we started a new technical support service based on osTicket. All our followers in need can now contact us at
We believe that with a ticketing system we can be even more efficient than before.

Secondly, we have updated our OpenFOAM training and all the tutorials on OpenFOAM and TCFD that are available on our website. Especially the Distance form of OpenFOAM training saves time and costs on traveling and delivers individual custom approach to every training participant. And because we never sleep, other new tutorials are already on the way.

Thirdly, from September 2017, TCFD is free for students’ university projects. Students can apply to this program and benefit from a free access to full TCFD version with our technical support, as long as they need to finish their project. To learn more about TCFD have a look at its website, watch video manuals or visit some of our webinars.

And remember, as always, I am just one email away.

With Best Regards,

Lubos pirkl

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PS2: In October, we visited our partner NJTF at their user meeting in Ningbo, China. We have enjoyed our stay very much. Here are a few more pictures: [0][1][2][3][4]

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PS3: In November, you can meet us at the Numerical Simulation in Vehicle Engineering Seminar, on 27th November 2017, in Budapest, Hungary.
And of course, you can find us working hard in our Prague office 🙂
Looking forward to meeting you!

PS4: Take a look at this video on transient simulation of a periodic segment of an axial fan in TCFD:

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