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TCFD\textregistered Unique Value

TCFD\textregistered is a smart, easy-to-use and affordable CFD software. TCFD\textregistered was designed for CFD simulations of all rotating machinery such as pumps, fans, compressors, turbines, turbochargers, hydro turbines, etc. Both radial and axial machines. Both compressible and incompressible fluid flows. It is based on OpenFOAM. TCFD is unique at least for four reasons:
  1. TCFD\textregistered is unlimited in users, jobs, or cores – This means TCFD user can scale their CFD simulations in a really big way.
  2. TCFD\textregistered is fully automated – which means all the workflow from the initial data to the final results report, it can be run by a single command or a single click. And all the process is being done automatically. For this reason TCFD is extremely effective.
  3. CFD Support delivers the extraordinary technical support. CFD Support keeps custom approach to every customer. To every issue. CFD Support never leaves behind any of its clients. Technical support is very flexible. Technical support is unlimited. CFD Support supports its clients even in matters out of the turbomachinery field. For example in: Numerical Mathematics, Physics, CFD, IT or even Software Engineering.
  4. The real tutorials are included – so the TCFD\textregistered user has no doubts about the best practice settings. So there are included the real machines that are already pre-set. User can basically take one of those tutorials, replace the geometry with his own, you modify the settings and run the simulation. The rest of the workflow is automated anyway. So, the requirements on user’s CFD skills are very low.