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TCFD\textregistered = Turbomachinery CFD

TCFD\textregistered is a comprehensive CFD workflow for turbomachinery simulations. This workflow covers complete process from the basic (usually CAD) data over CFD analysis to significant engineering results. TCFD\textregistered is based on the OpenFOAM® software. It is the final outcome of a many year development of the team of CFD Support engineers and developers.
TCFD\textregistered is not dependent on other software but it is fully compatible with standard OpenFOAM® and other software packages. It was originally designed for simulating rotational machines, nevertheless it can be used for a wide range of various CFD simulations.
Turbomachinery CFD pump in graphical interface
Turbomachinery CFD Francis in graphical interface

 The package includes real tutorials. The tutorials help the user to operate the model data. The user can easily repeat the whole process with his own data.

CFD Support s.r.o. provides full technical support. TCFD\textregistered is maintained and regularly updated. CFD Support engineers are instantly working on additional software modules and extensions covering even more physical problems. To ensure the smooth start the extensive training is provided. Experienced lecturer shows the full functionality and answers all the possible questions.
Turbomachinery CFD Compressor in graphical interface 2
TCFD\textregistered is highly customizable. All the OpenFOAM® parts of the package are developed under GPL (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE Version 3.) All the OpenFOAM® based components are provided with their source code. Having technical support, any additional functions can be added all over the workflow.
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In TCFD\textregistered its developers made good use of many years experience with using and developing CFD software. Especially for this workflow were developed special OpenFOAM® based boundary conditions e.g. to handle the rotor – stator interface or boundary conditions for the inlet and the outlet of the computational domain. The solvers for TCFD\textregistered are very robust and they were heavily tested on real machine cases and showed perfect agreement with available measurements. The solvers are robust enough to handle the extreme flow conditions, it shows excellent performance, for example, at transonic flows.
TurbomachineryCFD axial fan noHousing TCFD CFD processor run
The TCFD\textregistered workflow also contains a number of scripts, OpenFOAM® utilities and OpenFOAM® function objects for preprocessing and postprocessing. To keep complete independence of this workflow, the computational mesh is created using OpenFOAM® utility snappyHexMesh. Of course using snappyHexMesh mesh is not necessary – any external CFD mesh can be imported and used instead.
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