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Usage of your SALOME STL files

  • This tutorial is already fully pre-set with STL files created with the same approach as in previous section crossref.
  • To run the simulation with your own STL files, old tutorial STL files which are already in meshFactory subdirectories need to be replaced.
  • STL files are stored in meshFactory/mesh-Co1-…/constant/triSurface and meshFactory/mesh-Co2/constant/triSurface.
  • Inlet region or component1 (short Co1) names of STL files are: region1-inlet.stl, region1-wall.stl, region1-outlet.stl and plug-5mm or plug-8mm or plug-11mm. For outlet region or component2 (short Co2 ) there are 3 STL files: region2-inlet.stl, region2-wall.stl and region2-outlet.stl.
  • Before replacing the old STL files with the new ones make sure they have the same names otherwise case will not work properly.