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Running the case and results

  • The first option is to run the AllrunAll.sh script in the main tutorial directory, which will create mesh, compute all the cases, write the results file with total pressure differences and plot them in a graph.
  • The second option is to do it step by step yourself. As a first run of makeMesh.sh script in meshFactory, then Allrun.sh in any of three case directories and in the end gnuplot script plotDeltaPTot.gp.
  • After the simulation is done, total pressures on the inlet, outlet, their difference and total pressure on the both sides of the interface are saved in files pTot.csv in case directories.
  • pTot.csv data files are in the end of AllrunAll.sh script pasted together to one file pTotsTogether.csv for easier comparison of the results in order case-plug-5mm, case-plug-8mm, case-plug-11mm.
  • Image graphDeltaPTot.svg, generated by gnuplot script plotDeltaPTot.gp, shows total pressure differences between inlet and outlet for pre-set flow rates and all cases in figure crossref.

Figure: Graphic comparison of the results