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Initial and boundary condition for simpleFoam

  • The directory 0.simple holds the definition of initial and boundary condition for each variable.
  • The list of all variables contains Table crossref.
  • Basic setup of initial and boundary condition are similar as for twoPhaseEulerFoam.
  • The static (kinematic) pressure 80 1 at the outlet is set to 81 1

Table: Initial and boundary conditions for simpleFoam.

$ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ 0.simple  
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ epsilon <#37120#>
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ k
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ nut
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ p - static pressure
     $ \displaystyle{^\llcorner}$ U - velocity