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Test case geometry description

  • Multi-region cases are in fact several cases connected to one case
  • Whole domain is divided into several regions and solver computes the solution of each region step by step
  • Most applications need a switch -region when computing multi-region cases
  • Copy tutorial case from the attached tutorials folder.
    # cp -r .../training/run/roomWithRadiator $FOAM_RUN
    # cd $FOAM_RUN /roomWithRadiator
  • Test case is already preset
  • Test case is three dimensional
CFDsupport advanced training roomWithRadiator geometry

Figure: roomWithRadiator geometry

  • Figure crossref 3 shows the test case geometry without one external wall so it is possible to see internal parts of the geometry
  • The geometry is divided into five regions:
    1. grey region: walls, heat conducting solid body region made of concrete
    2. transparent region inside wallsroom, region filled with air
    3. blue region: window, heat conducting solid body region made of glass
    4. red region: pipe, fluid region of the radiator pipe filled with water
    5. yellow region: radiator, heat conducting solid body region made of iron
  • List of regions together with assigned type of the region: fluid or solid, can be found in constant/regionProperties
  • Standard OpenFOAM directories 0constant and system includes subdirectories named after given region. Each region has its own configuration files, with exception of controlDict file which is common for all regions
  • If the configuration data are the same for multiple regions, it is possible to include them from other files. For example, all regions need to have decomposeParDict, but with the same number of processors used. This can be specified in the main decomposeParDict in system directory as usual. Nevertheless, the information needs to be included in each region directory inside the decomposeParDict. We can refer to the given file by the following line
    #include ../decomposeParDict