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New solver

Create new solver modifying solver icoFoam. Copy solver icoFoam e.g. to directory applications/solvers in your work directory: # cd $WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR
# mkdir applications
# cd applications
# mkdir solvers
# cd solvers
# cp -r $FOAM_APP/solvers/incompressible/icoFoam/ ./ Rename copied solver e.g.:
# mv icoFoam icoTempFoam Rename source file icoFoam.C Replace word icoFoam with word icoTempFoam everywhere in source code Replace words also in files in directory Make:

# cd icoTempFoam
# mv icoFoam.C icoTempFoam.C
# sed -i 's/icoFoam/icoTempFoam/g' Make/files
# sed -i 's/icoFoam/icoTempFoam/g' icoTempFoam.C

In file files change binary file path from $FOAM_APPBIN to $FOAM_USER_APPBIN Remove useless files:

# rm icoFoam.dep

Compile solver before doing any changes to make sure it is prepared for implementation:
# wmake