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Physical model description

  • Completely new solver will be created
  • Considering incompressible viscous fluid flow, adding temperature equation: 12.1

div$\displaystyle \: \bm{{\mathsf {u}}}$$\displaystyle =$0(12.1)
$\displaystyle \frac{\partial\bm{{\mathsf {u}}}}{\partial t} + (\bm{{\mathsf {u}}} \cdot \nabla)\bm{{\mathsf {u}}}$$\displaystyle =$$\displaystyle \nu \nabla^{2} \bm{{\mathsf {u}}} - \nabla p$(12.2)
$\displaystyle \frac{\partial\sf {T}}{\partial t} + (\bm{{\mathsf {u}}} \cdot \nabla)\sf {T}$$\displaystyle =$$\displaystyle \kappa \nabla^{2} \sf {T}$(12.3)


  • Two equations are solved by solver icoFoam
  • Equation for temperature will be implemented