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The Allrun script

  • Let us copy the tutorial test case propeller:
    # cd $FOAM_RUN
    # cp -r $WM_PROJECT_DIR/tutorials/incompressible/\
    pimpleFoam/RAS/propeller ./


  • The case is already set up and can be launched using the script Allrun 9.3

    # ./Allrun
    # paraFoam9.4


cd ${0%/*} || exit 1    # Run from this directory

# Source tutorial run functions
. $WM_PROJECT_DIR/bin/tools/RunFunctions


runApplication decomposePar

runParallel `getApplication`

runApplication reconstructPar


  • At first we set the working directory.
  • Using RunFunctions we introduce the functions from file
    $WM_PROJECT_DIR/bin/tools/RunFunctions , which will be auxiliary functions in the script (e.g. getApplicationrunApplication and runParallel).
  • Running script Allrun.pre makes the mesh and runs other necessary initializations (see the next section).
  • We distribute the computation to multiple processors using decomposePar, do the parallel computation using mpiexec and in the end reconstruct the results and mesh using reconstructPar.