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$ \color{white} a_x$, $ \color{white} a_y$, $ \color{white} a_z$, $ \color{white} a_t$    partial derivative with respect to axis directions and time
$ \color{white} a_w$    at the wall
$ \color{white} a_\infty$    asymptotic quantity
$ \color{white} a_T$    turbulent
$ \color{white} a_i$, $ \color{white} a_j$, $ \color{white} a_k$    reference directions
$ \color{white} a_1$, $ \color{white} a_2$, $ \color{white} a_3$    related to x,y,z-axis direction
$ \color{white} a_0$    reference value
$ \color{white} a_p$    related to pressure
$ \color{white} a_m$    related to momentum equations
$ \color{white} a_s$    solvent part
$ \color{white} a_e$    extra stress part