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Rotor Region - Files Preparation

For creating a new mesh with snappyHexMesh it is recommended to create new OpenFOAM clean test case just with system and constant directories. Go to your user directory and create directories for rotor region mesh. It is recommended to copy a similar tutorial case and modify just the different parts of the case.

The input .STL files are located in constant/triSurface and can be directly viewed in paraview.

# paraview
Eight .STL files are presented, namely:

  • RF-nq28_bladel_LE-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_bladel_PS-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_bladel_SS-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_bladel_TE-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_Co1_Hub-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_Co1_Inflow-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_Co1_Outflow-scaled.stl
  • RF-nq28_Co1_Shroud-scaled.stl

There are no limitations on number of surface .STL files. The only (but not easy) requirement is the surface model has to be perfectly closed – waterproof model. The interface between rotor and stator region is defined by RF-nq28_Co1_Outflow-scaled.stl file.