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Boundary file - Solid Region

File constant/polyMesh/boundary must be edited. First remove empty patches, rename non-empty patches and edit their properties14.4:


        type            wall;
        nFaces          696;
        startFace       563313;
        type            wall;
        nFaces          955;
        startFace       564009;
        type            mappedWall;
        sampleMode      nearestPatchFace;
        sampleRegion    rotor;
        samplePatch     rotor_blade;
        offsetMode      uniform;
        offset          (0 0 0);
        nFaces          74820;
        startFace       564964;

Patch solid_rotor_blade is adjoining rotor region and is of type mappedWall because heat transfer from the fluid to the solid and vice versa is assumed. Patches solid_hub and solid_shroud are standard wall.