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Files Preparation - Stator Region

For creating new mesh with snappyHexMesh it is recommended to create new OpenFOAM test case just with system and constant directory and with empty directory 0. Go to your user directory and create directories for the stator region.

1 3 mkdir -p turbomachinery-CFD/meshFactory/as1/stator
1 3 cd turbomachinery-CFD/meshFactory/as1/stator
1 3 cp -r $WM_PROJECT_INST_DIR/Turbomachinery-CFD-XX.XX/
/tutorials/meshFactory/as1/stator/*     ./

The input .STL files are located in constant/triSurface and can be directly viewed in paraview.

1 3 paraview

In this case, the interface between stator and rotor part is divided into the 36 radial strips (individual .STL files) to allow Mixing Plane averaging. (Compare to radial cases, where the rings were created on existing mesh using topoSet and createPatch). This approach was chosen just for practising purposes. Of course both approaches of creating Mixing Plane patches are possible. Following files will be used:

  • StatorAMI1.stl
  • StatorAMI2.stl
  • StatorHub.stl
  • StatorIn.stl
  • StatorBlade.stl
  • StatorShroud.stl
  • StatorMXP_0.stl
  • 24 2
  • StatorMXP_35.stl

The initial idea is to have following mesh boundaries in the end:

  • stator_outlet_0
  • 24 2
  • stator_outlet_35
  • stator_inlet
  • stator_hub
  • stator_shroud
  • stator_blade
  • stator_cyc_l
  • stator_cyc_r

Their number and names can change during the creation process.