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General information - Axial Stage

Axial turbine stage test case is similar to the radial machine test case. The only difference to the radial machines is that periodic solution is considered and only one blade is computed. Computational geometry of the axial turbine stage is based on following stage geometry:

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Figure: Axial turbine stage geometry.

The input for this methodology consists of surface geometry in (.STL) file format14.1. Original files can be found in directory tutorials/meshFactory/STL. STL model can be viewed in paraview by opening following files:


  • RotorBlade.stl
  • RotorHub.stl
  • StatorBlade.stl
  • StatorHub.stl

The solution is assumed to be periodic. Stator wheel has 50 blades and rotor wheel has 55 blades. Finally, using periodicity of solution, one stator blade and one rotor blade are assumed to be computed.