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Radial Compressor boundary conditions

For this particular radial compressor geometry we have to slightly change the boundary condition for interface between stator and rotor part because of convergence difficulties.

We impose different boundary condition on stator and rotor patches named ring_*. For patches ring_6 – ring_9 the boundary condition are unchanged, i.e. the boundary condition listed in Table 16 holds.

For the convergence purposes the type of patches ring_0 – ring_5 have to be changed from mappedPatch to wall using commands:

1 4 sed -i -re ‘/ring_[0-5]/{n;n;s/mappedPatch/wall/}’ constant/stator/polyMesh/boundary
1 4 sed -i -re ‘/ring_[0-5]/{n;n;s/mappedPatch/wall/}’ constant/rotor/polyMesh/boundary

The boundary condition for this patches are listed in following table:


Table: Radial compressor boundary conditions at patches ring_0 – ring_5.
ring_0 – 5zGfVzGkWFoWF
ring_0 – 5zGfVzGkWFoWF

viewc1 ringsBTa
viewc1 ringsBTb
viewc1 ringsBTc

Figure: Mixing plane region splitting (blue color: ring_0-5; red color: ring_6-9).