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Completing Model

When the meshes are finished, the test case directory is created:

11 mkdir -p turbomachinery-CFD/t1/
11 cd turbomachinery-CFD/t1/
11 cp -r $WM_PROJECT_INST_DIR/Turbomachinery-CFD-XX.XX/
/tutorials/t1/*     ./

Remove existing meshes:

11 rm -rf constant/rotor/polyMesh/ constant/solid/polyMesh/ constant/stator/polyMesh/

Copy new meshes:

11 cp -r ../meshFactory/t1/rotor/constant/polyMesh constant/rotor/
11 cp -r ../meshFactory/t1/stator/constant/polyMesh constant/stator/
11 cp -r ../meshFactory/t1/solid/constant/polyMesh constant/solid/

Check new meshes:

11 checkMesh -region rotor
11 checkMesh -region stator
11 checkMesh -region solid

Create .OpenFOAM files and viewing complete model (view rotor region first, then open remaining model regions using ctrl+o shortcut):

11 paraFoam -touchAll
11 paraFoam -region rotor &


Figure: Complete model view.