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Splitting interface patch to enable option for mixingPlane BC - Stator Region

There are two approaches to stator-rotor interface:

  • Frozen Rotor – direct mapping between stator and rotor
  • Mixing Plane – special averaging and then mapping between stator and rotor

To enable Mixing Plane option the interface patch is split into certain number of other patches, rings. Frozen Rotor option can be applied anyway (whether the interface is split or not).



Figure: Interface split to allow Mixing Plane averaging.

Patch is split using utility createPatch. New patches will be defined using sets generated by the topoSet utility. First create configuration file topoSetDict, then run topoSet utility:

11 sh genTopoSetDict.stator.sh > system/topoSetDict
11 topoSet

Create configuration file createPatchDict, then run createPatch utility:

11 sh genCreatePatchDict.stator.sh > system/createPatchDict
11 createPatch

New mesh is located in directory 1, copy it to constant/polyMesh:

11 cp -rf 1/polyMesh/* constant/polyMesh/
11 rm -rf 1