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Francis Turbine - General Information (tutorial: francis-full-snappy)

Methodology will be shown on the following test case. The computational geometry of Francis turbine is depicted in following Figure:

francis turbine cfd geometry 1
francis turbine cfd geometry 2
francis turbine cfd geometry 3

Figure: Preview of the Francis water turbine geometry.

The input for this methodology consists of surface geometry in (.STL) file format10.1. Original files can be found in directory tutorials/francis-full-snappy/meshFactory/mesh-rotor/constant/triSurface. STL model can be viewed in paraview by opening following files:

  • blade-rot.stl
  • drafttube.stl
  • guide-blade.stl
  • guide-hub.stl
  • guide-shroud.stl
  • hub-rot-tip.stl
  • hub-rot-wall.stl
  • hub-rot-wheel.stl
  • inflow.stl
  • interface-draft-rot.stl
  • interface-guide-rot.stl
  • interface-rot-draft.stl
  • interface-rot-guide.stl
  • outflow.stl
  • shroud-rot.stl
  • stay-dip.stl
  • stay.stl