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Multi-Region Approach

In general, this methodology allows working with any number of regions. This computational model consists of two parts (regions). We consider following two regions:

  • rotor is rotational part of the model (either full wheel, or periodic part with single blade), fluid is flowing over rotating wheel. Inlet tube can be included to rotor region, although it is recommended the MRF zone keep just in the wheel (as small as possible).
  • stator is static part of the model, typically a spiral with different mesh from other regions
pump cfd openfoam centrifugal radial 6

[inlet and wheel (rotor region)]

pump cfd openfoam centrifugal radial 7

[spiral (stator region)

pump cfd openfoam centrifugal radial 9

[rotor + stator (cull frontface view))]

Figure: Two regions of computational model: rotor; stator;

During simulation, each region is computed individually and each region communicates with other regions through interfaces via special boundary conditions (mixingInterface).