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Before creating mesh phase

  1. Find the most similar (perfectly working) case as possible. Make a copy of it and rename it.
  2. Number of regions fits? If not, add missing ones, or remove extra ones. Names of regions are specified in: constant/regionProperties
  3. Each region has its independent mesh. Do I have mesh to convert? Then e.g. copy it to meshFactory/mesh-rotor/rotor.msh, see francis-periodic-hex-noSpiral tutorial. Or do I create new mesh in snappyHexMesh? Then configure meshFactory/mesh-rotor/system/snappyHexMeshDict, see kaplan-full-snappy tutorial
  4. For every region edit meshFactory/mesh-xxxxx/convertMesh script to create/convert the new mesh.
  5. If needed edit configure meshFactory/mesh-rotor/system/createPatchDict.renamePatches to fit default patch names (easy for default boundary conditions ).
  6. If needed edit configure meshFactory/mesh-rotor/system/changeDictionaryDict
  7. Watch the resulted mesh. Check the model scales are in meters.