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OpenFOAM user directory

  • Each OpenFOAM user has his own working directory for running his projects
  • The path to user working directory is behind system variable:
  • Typically: WM_PROJECT_USER_DIR=$HOME/OpenFOAM/{USER}-2.x.x
  • You can test where exactly your working directory is located in your computer, type:
  • User directory is connected to the current OpenFOAM installation via system variables
  • User directory is usually being used for running simulations, storing CFD data, code modifications, etc. …
  • User’s own modifications do not affect the current OpenFOAM installation, user’s modifications take the effect just for himself
  • It is useful to create the same structure in the user directory as it is in directory $WM_PROJECT_DIR
  • Following table shows selected system variables and aliases connected with user directory
${user}-2.x.xWM_PROJECT_USER_DIR User directory
img256 1 platforms   
     img256 1 platformName   
         img256 1 binFOAM_USER_APPBIN User applications
         img256 1 libFOAM_USER_LIBBIN User libraries
img256 1 runFOAM_RUNrunUser projects