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This section contains some example screen-shots for selected cases.

The unwrapped mesh can be sliced by the common Slice filter at a given coordinate img18, which is equivalent to slicing the original mesh at the same span. For instance if the unwrapped mesh is sliced at img19, it is equivalent to slicing the original mesh precisely in the middle distance between the hub and the shroud. See crossref 3.

The unwrapped blades can be sliced, too, and the data from them can be used to produce e.g. the pressure characteristic plot. This is possible by application of the filter Plot data, where the independent coordinate is the coordinate img20, which is shared by all the identical blades, see fig. crossref 3.

NOTE: the filters tend to disappear from their categories after use. This is a feature of ParaView, which moves the last used filter menu item into Filters > Recent. That list is, however, limited. Nevertheless, all filters are alwys accessible through the Filters > Search option.