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CFD Processor command line options

  • -help
    This option will produce only text output demonstrating usage of CFD Processor similar to this chapter. The same effect happens also when no command line option is given at all.
  • -setup <file>
    Set the path to the TCFD configuration file. Except for the -help and -clean option, this must be always present.
  • -dir <path>
    Set a custom name for the directory to be processed. This can be used to refer to already existing case e.g. when generating report after a finished run. Or, when the calculation is being initialized (in combination with the -write option), this sets the name of the directory where the new case will be written. If not given, an automatic name of the form ofcaseX will be used, where X is the lowest available number that does not collide with any existing directory.
  • -clean
    Clean an existing directory, keeping only files that would be written with the -write option.
  • -write
    Prepare calculation for run, writing the OpenFOAM configuration of a directory on disk.
  • -mesh
    Run the meshing stage.
  • -calc
    Run the calculation, starting with the stationary one, optionally followed by transient.
  • -report
    Generate HTML report from results of the calculated case. It is possible to generate report any time after the case is written, including during meshing and calculation.
  • -lightReport
    This is a faster and less complete variant of the above; it contains fewer sections. A light report is useful to monitor convergence of efficiency and other basic parameters.


  • -allrun
    Finally, this is a combination of the following switches: -write, -mesh, -calc and -report.
  • -foam <path>
    Path to the directory containing the OpenFOAM distribution to use. This is normally not needed, because CFD Processor can obtain the correct paths from the environment variables available inside the shell.