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Apply button

When the Apply button is pressed, the TCFDManager will call CFDProcessor to analyze the settings. This involves also inspection of the provided geometry and may take a while. The progress of geometry analysis is shown on the ParaView’s main progress bar. If ParaView was launched from a Unix terminal, it is possible to read some diagnostic information in the terminal. This information comes directly from the CFD Processor libraries. Alternatively, the user can enable the TCFD output window from the menu View, which contains the same information, see figure [*].
cfd processor TCFDManager log window

Figure: Dockable log window in TCFDManager showing progress of meshing.

cfd processor TCFDManager settings

Figure: Properties of the TCFDManager filter.

cfd processor TCFDManager meshing progress

Figure: Meshing progress in TCFDManager showing the elapsed time

cfd processor TCFDManager calculation progress
cfd processor TCFDManager calculation progress transient 1

Figure: Point and calculation progress indicator of TCFDManager. Apart from the graphical representation, it shows the index of the point currently being solved, number of iterations finished, number of iterations in total and estimated remaining time. In transient calculation (below) the iterations are replaced by the simulated time. The bottom three progress bars are only available for a transient calculation.