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Keywords in .tcfd file

In this section, keywords used in .tcfd file to setup cavitation modeling are described. See example of setting for water at atmospheric pressure and 20°C:

referencePressure 101325
referenceTemperature 293.15
referenceDensity 998
cavitationRisk yes

Values are expected to be in Pa, K and kg/m56, respectively. For turning on Multiphase cavitation, following keywords are necessary:

referencePressure 101325
referenceDensity 996


multiphaseCavitation SchnerrSauer

Multiphase cavitation modeling with Schnerr-Sauer model also has following optional parameters:

multiphaseCavitation-pSat 2300
multiphaseCavitation-sigma 0.07
multiphaseCavitation-vapourRho 0.02308
multiphaseCavitation-vapourNu 0.0004273
multiphaseCavitation-SchnerrSauer-n 1.6e+13
multiphaseCavitation-SchnerrSauer-dNuc 2e-06
multiphaseCavitation-SchnerrSauer-Cc 1
multiphaseCavitation-SchnerrSauer-Cv 1

When these parameters are omitted, default values are used.