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Computation set up

  • Computation parameters are stored in dictionary system
  • File controlDict controls whole computation
  • Print the file on the screen:
    # cat $FOAM_RUN /pitzDaily/system/controlDict


    application     simpleFoam;
    startFrom       startTime;
    startTime       0;
    stopAt          endTime;
    endTime         2000;
    deltaT          1;
    writeControl    timeStep;
    writeInterval   100;
    purgeWrite      0;
    writeFormat     ascii;
    writePrecision  6;
    writeCompression off;
    timeFormat      general;
    timePrecision   6;
    runTimeModifiable true;
        #includeFunc streamlines
  • The block named functions in the rest of controlDict file will be discussed later on and for now can be erased.
  • Detailed description of controlDict file is in section [*]