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Local Refinement on Edges

This section shows a local refinement for edges.

  • Navigate to the menu Mesh > Create Sub-mesh and follow these steps (see Fig. crossref):
    1. Set the Mesh to Cyclone.
    2. Rename Name to Cyclone-ring-wire.
    3. Set the Geometry to Cyclone-ring-wire from Object Browser.
    4. Select 1D Algorithm called Wire Discretisation.
    5. Click the setting icon next to the Hypothesis and select Local Length.
    6. Rename Name to My Local Length.
    7. Set the Length value to 69 1.
    8. Leave the Precision with its default value (usually 70 1).
    9. Click OK and then Apply and Close.

Figure: New Sub-Mesh on Edge.

  • For more Sub-Meshes there might be ambiguous refinement definitions.
  • In this case, two different definition for edge on Cyclone-ring-wire is provided (one for Cyclone-ring Sub-Mesh and one for Cyclone-ring-wire Sub-Mesh).
  • If this happens, SALOME throws a warning information (see Fig. crossref left).
  • It can be resolved by clicking on Yes and change the priority (see Fig. crossref right).
  • This could be done anytime. Navigate to the menu Mesh -> Change sub-mesh priority.
  • Clear the mesh and run the computation.
  • Export the mesh to UNV file and save it as cyclone-third.unv

Figure: Sub-mesh priority.