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Local Refinement on Faces

In this section a local refinement of part of geometry consisting of faces will be shown.

  • Navigate to the menu Mesh > Create Sub-mesh and follow these steps (see Fig. crossref 3):
    1. Set the Mesh to Cyclone.
    2. Set the Name to Cyclone-ring.
    3. Set Geometry to Cyclone-ring from Object Browser.
    4. Select 2D Algorithm called Netgen 1D-2D.
    5. Click the setting icon next to the Hypothesis and select NETGEN 2D simple parameters.
    6. Set the Name to My NETGEN 2D Simple Parameter.
    7. Check Local Length in the 1D section and set the value to 68 1.
    8. In the 2D section Length from edges should be checked.
    9. Click OK and then Apply and Close.

Figure: New Sub-Mesh on Face.

  • Before calculating the modified mesh clear the old mesh by right-mouse clicking on the Cyclone mesh within the Object Browser. And click Clear Mesh Data, see Fig. crossref.
  • Run the mesh calculation (navigate to the menu Mesh > Compute).
  • Export the mesh to UNV file format and save it as cyclone-second.unv.

Figure: Clear Mesh Data.